Hi. I'm Nikansha Maharaj.

I'm a driven Software Engineer with a passion for learning and using technology to positively impact other people’s lives. I discovered my passion for software engineering while enrolled in my first web development class where I utilized HTML and CSS to create websites.

Before transitioning into software engineering, I gained valuable experience in Human Resources, where I developed skills in project management, relationship building, creating efficiencies, and problem-solving. These skills have proven to be useful in my software engineering journey, where I strive to deliver high-quality solutions and drive impactful outcomes.


Adopt Me!

Pet adoption webpage

JavaScript | React | HTML

CarCar Dealership

Web application for managing an automobile dealership, specifically its inventory, service center, and sales.

Python | JavaScript | Django | React | Docker | Kong Insomnia | REST APIs

Conference Go

A single-page front-end React application to manage tech conferences, presentations, and attendees list

JavaScript | React | Docker | REST APIs

Scrumptious Recipes

A Django web application to create and store your favorite recipes

Python | Django | HTML | CSS

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